Who is this framework and toolkit for? 

This framework and toolkit are first and foremost for practitioners working on people-centred DRM/DRR. The contents of the
resources assume that audiences have experience in the sector, such as DIPECHO partners do, but that they want to build their
capacity on inclusion. Within this, the framework and toolkit should be especially relevant to project managers, project coordinators,
technical and policy advisors in charge of designing, implementing and evaluating DRM/DRR initiatives at all levels and
working on different components of integral approaches to DRM/DRR. During the elaboration and validation process, we also
found that government, academics and other actors found the framework a useful approach to their own work on DRM. It was
also found helpful to talk about inclusion in other sectors, such as education, or health. There are many ideas of how to make
the framework “speak” to other actors in the toolkit (check section Using the framework for…”.