Dec 5, 2014
Category: EVENT
Place: Nepal
Workshop on the INCLUSIVEDRM FRAMEWORK: based on practices in South Asia: 5th December 2014; Nepal.
South Asian countries exhibit high disaster vulnerability, based on low coping and adaptive capacities, with a direct linkage between such capacities and the risk rating level for vulnerable and excluded groups. Inequalities and social exclusion determine that certain social groups or sectors suffer more in extreme events and disasters because of their place within a system of unequal social power relations and underlying vulnerabilities.
Inclusive Disaster Risk Management is about addressing those underlying vulnerabilities ; promoting equality of rights and opportunities, dignity of the individual, acknowledging diversity, and contributing to resilience for everyone, not leaving aside members of a community based on age, gender, disability or other.
While the need and added value of Inclusive DRM is acknowledged and practicedby DRM actors across the region recognizing that Inclusion is a process of doing the same things differently, the application usually remains isolated within organizations and impact restricted to direct target communities. Strategies adopted remain adhoc ,and inclusion becomes mere tokenism and without bringing sustainable change in the lives of vulnerable communities.
Project Background:
Funded under the 7th DIPECHO Action Plan for South Asia and implemented in consortium at regional level by Handicap International, Oxfam GB and Action Aid, Inclusive Community Resilience for Sustainable Disaster Risk Management (INCRISD ) South Asia aims at “building safer, more resilient communities in South Asia…” by empowering and raising the voices of women, people with disabilities and socially excluded groups on DRM through multi-stakeholder engagement.
The project is active in Afghanistan, Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka and is working closely with select DIPECHO partners to develop, validate and promote evidence-based inclusive approaches that are harmonized across the region and can be replicated and scaled-up by key DRM stakeholders .
The Workshop :
In line with the above, a workshop is being organized by INCRISD South Asia,that is targeted at DRM practitioners and relevant stakeholders both government and non- government to share the Inclusive DRM Framework , a tool developed and validated at a regional level by participants from the region , that helps convert the complexity of inclusive approaches into manageable components.
The Workshop details
Title of the Workshop :

Venue :

Duration :
1/2 Day programme

Dates :
5th December , 2014

Participants :
Practitioners , policy makers from organisations. ( Government agency, UN organisations, bi-lateral and multi-lateral agencies, DIPECHO partners and civil society from South Asia.

Facilitators :
The workshop will be facilitated by INCRISD South Asia team ( Oxfam GB, ActionAid And Handicap International)
Technically supported by Silva Ferretti and Marion Khamis , ( Independent consultants)

Workshop objective :
a) To present the Inclusive DRM Framework .
b) To garner commitment to adopt and promote the inclusive DRM framework and the toolkit within individual organisations.